If every Guelph resident gives up ONE coffee/tea a week for ONE month, we will be able to achieve our goal!

  • 1 coffee – $4 max = $16 total for the month
  • Half of Guelph – $16 x 67,500 Guelphites = $1.1 million
  • If ¼ of our community gave a cup: $16 x 33,750 Guelphites = $540,000

There are many ways for the community to “Give A Cup”:

  • Drink a cup of “Lantern Brew”. This exclusive blend has been created for the GBHS through a collaboration with Lost Aviator Coffee Co. and The Daily Grind (519).
  • Purchase your “Give A Cup” swag which includes travel tumbler, coasters, mugs, baseball caps, masks and sanitizer.

To purchase Lantern Brew online: Lantern Brew Coffee

For more information and to request a full media kit, email

The Guelph Black Heritage Society (GBHS) was formed after the British Methodist Episcopal (BME) Church was listed for sale in November 2011. This historical stone church was built in 1880 by formerly enslaved Black individuals and their descendants who reached Canada, via the famed Underground Railroad. Today under the stewardship of the GBHS, the renamed Heritage Hall acts as a cultural centre and community resource hosting cultural and educational programs and events.
Heritage Hall is the only Black-focused facility in the region representing a critical historical record and offering a unique, welcoming contribution to Guelph’s growing culturally diverse population. The GBHS raises awareness in Guelph of both local (Guelph/Wellington) and national Black heritage as well as addressing issues social issues of importance to Black Canadian communities. In 2020, the GBHS launched its education initiative #Change Starts Now which provides educational programming on Black history and culture as well as relevant resources on diversity, discrimination and anti-racism.

In order to continue the important work that was started in 2011, the GBHS is tasking the community to raise $600,000 and to “Give A Cup”. With your help we can relive the cost of the Heritage Hall mortgage and other infrastructure costs. Directing money to focus on mortgage retirement and other infrastructure costs will allow us to free ourselves from financial restraint. This will lift one of the many burdens from the community and provide LIBERATION for us all.

Without the burden of the mortgage, the GBHS will be able to devote more energy and funding towards cultural programming, educational programs and resources, social justice initiatives and supporting our BIPOC community members.