Bertie Hall 

Griffin House 

Each core member will have one vote regarding any decision made on behalf on the Black Heritage Network. Whenever possible, the members will use a consensus model rather than a majority vote model to make decisions. 

Should the Core Committee reach a decision that one partner chose to opt out of, the remaining partners might choose to continue to pursue the project – this emphasizes the flexibility of the networking process. 

____- is the Chairperson. 

Project Committees/Sub-committees – Each core member will participate and/or assign required personnel to perform duties related to the network. 

Each project to be developed should have a core member or designated alternate as lead for the implementation of the project, with other members providing input. 

Structure – The Black Heritage Network will be structured as a not-for-profit organization with a charitable status 

Operational Principles – Operational Principles will be established and approved by the Network Core Committee that ensure notification, consent and responsibilities of each partner related to any activities, products, publications and/or press releases involving the network. Operational procedures will be developed for all activities and projects. 

3- Areas of Co-operation 

The five core members mentioned above have agreed to form the Black Heritage Network to pursue the following areas of co-operation (to finalized at August 15 meeting): 

  • Funding
  • Marketing & Promotions 
  • Volunteer/Human Resources Development 
  • Partnerships 
  • Communication 
  • Education
  • Research/Historical Preservation 

It is understood that other areas of co-operation to be identified must receive consent 

from the majority of the core members (5 of the 6 members) 

All projects to be developed must fall within the above areas of co-operation. Furthermore, a project should only be undertaken once a feasibility study on that project has been completed. 

4- Duration of the Letter of Intent 

The Letter of Intent will be in effect for period of one year or the signing the Co- operation Agreement which ever comes first, from the date of signing. The terms of this agreement may be changed with the consent of a majority of the members of the Black Heritage Network. 

5- Termination 

Written resignation to be forwarded to the Chairperson. 

6- Signatures (6)