Black Heritage Network Meeting 

June 5, 2000 

Participants’ Output 

Meeting Participants: Rochelle Bush, Jennifer Dunkerson, Jennifer Foster, Gary Hardy, June Harper, Harry Harper, Jim Hill, Tannis Koskela, Alison LeBlanc, Margot Leslie, Les MacKinnon, Wilma Morrison, Neville Nunes, Lynn Roberts, Ada Summers, Palmier Stevenson-Young 

Resource People: Paul Samson (facilitator), Vicki Owen, Lorraine Hogan, Arlene White, Eva Salter (chair) 

Participant Updates 

  • The Mayor of Fort Erie is interested in having a property near the crossing plaqued and would like community input into the draft wording/text. 
  • Fort Erie Slave Crossing Committee is looking for volunteers to be part of the committee and to assist with the August 12th event. 
  • New film being released entitled “Voices for the Dead” that was co-sponsored by the National Film Board and produced by Hungry Eyes Film Food Company. Film was done by a young couple who are first generation Canadians. 
  • The Old Durham Road Pioneer Cemetery Committee is reprinting a book entitled “Broken Shackles”. The book was written in 1888 and printed in 1889 and will be available for Black History month.