Contributing Towards the Millennium Poster/Art Print

The official 1996 Black History Month Poster was created
for the Ontario Black History Society by the internationally
renown artist, David Kibuuka.
This art print salutes the 70th anniversary of the
celebration. of Black History Month in North America and
the 1st National declaration of Black History Month in

The image used in this art print shows beauty and grace,
strength and endurance, a movement towards a bright
future. The colours in this print are vibrant and alive.
This print is truly a work of art and is perfect for framing.
The full size of the print is 28″ x 22″ with an image size of
22″ x 16″
The print retails for $35.00 Canadian, but will be available
at the special offer of $30.00 Canadian at the conference.
(Limit one (1) per registration).

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Contributing towards the Millennium
Conference 1996

Friday, May 10th, 1996 7:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday, May 11th, 1996 9:30am – 4:00pm

Metro Hall

55 John Street, Toronto, Ontario

Ontario Black History Society and Canadian
Black Communities Look toward the Future