Budget: $6,300 from DHC; 30% commitment from museums for other expenses (15% Guelph
Museums, 15% WCMA); commitment of in-kind resources from community partners such as
the BME Church, the University of Guelph (historical guidance, technical expertise), the
Wellington County Board of Education (educational links to schools), the Guelph and District
Multicultural Centre (linkages to other ethnocultural groups), the Fergus high school

Internship contract, researcher $3000
Internship contract, technological $2000
Travel expenses to Ottawa $300
Accomodation (2 nights) $200
Travel, Guelph, Wellington, Toronto $400
Exhibition Expenses (materials, framing) $2000
Education Program Expenses 200

Software $100
Provider $600
Audio-visual scanning $500
Supplies (audio and video tapes, photographic materials, disks, etc.)

Contribution, Wellington County M & A $1,000

Contribution, Guelph Museums $1,000

Department of Canadian Heritage $6,300