July 25, 1996

Melba Jewell
44 Alma Street Guelph,
Ontario N1H 5W7

Dear Melba Jewell:
Bonnie Callen and I are pleased to inform you that Rose Heffernan has been hired as the project researcher for the Canadian Image Project investigating black history in Guelph and Wellington County. Rose is a graduate in history from the University of Guelph and is entering a Master’s program at the University of Toronto this coming Fall. She has researched black history in Victorian Guelph for Gil Stelter and will soon have a paper available on-line through the History Department’s Web site.

I’ve enclosed a copy of the exhibition brief for our project. The brief is taken from information
in last February’s grant application that many of the project supporters had input into. We are
hoping that you will consider becoming a member of the Community Advisory Committee that
will guide the project and act as a resource to Rose and staff of Guelph Museums and the
Wellington County Museum and Archives. We have planned two meetings – one on October 3
at 4:00 p.m. that will consider the preliminary exhibition outline and another on December 5 at
4:00 p.m. that will consider the text panels and labels. In the interim, comments are welcome
on the exhibition brief. Please feel free to call either myself, Bonnie Callen (846-0916), Bev
Dietrich (836-1221) or Rose (until Aug. 12: 824-4120 ext. 8507 or at home at 763-7278).

Lauren Grant
Guelph Museums
Ian Easterbrook, Mary McLean, Bonnie Callen.
Rev. Erica Davis, Chris Hannell, Pat Joannie, Gilbert Stelter.