Mary mcleon & martin at entrance to black historical cemetery (cone. 4, RoY #16), peel
Delton martin (retired farmer, yatton, ont.) and mary mcleon, researcher guelph civic
museum, approaching transplanted cemetery stone, peel twg.
Martin, yatton, ont & Mary mcleon, guelph- discussing the black history of the area and this
cemetery. Apparently there was a small church/school located at this location- approx 1877
(land abstracts of peel twp)- “samuel h. Brown & wife “to” bethel (?) british methodist
episcopal church, 14 nov, 1877; alma page 183 (copied from a list of churches and
cemeteries of peel township-
“Mounted cemetery stones at black historical cemetery- front gates pushed back against
the tree’s lilac bushes (grass cut periodically by township of peel.” photo taken- june 29/95;
by melba jewell.
Black historical cemetery (conc. 4, lot 16) is fenced on 3 sides (front is opened a deep
drainage ditch across the front and along the roadside). Orange lilies grow in the back left

corner. In the middle of the back fence is a very large old tree a wild (pink) rose bush
growing underneath. Along the right hand fence- 3 small trees are growing among the
other greenery. At the front right corner past a bunch of some variety anf greenery. The lot
consists of very coarse grass and soil. The headstones are mounted on a fence in the middle
of the lot.
Black historical cemetery headstones are mounted on a concrete base (approx 18 stones)
some well over 100 years old and in poor condition. Perhaps these stones should be
dedicated and laid down at an angle so that the elements would drain off a special
coating/preservative could be applied
Black historical cemetery (conc. 4, lot 16, peel twp) “in memory of mary j. Lawson, wife of
joseph miller- died dec 28, 1908- age 36 years
Black historical cemetery (conc. 4, lot 16, peel twp)- alexander lawson- 1879-1924
Black historical cemetery (conc. 4, lot 16, peel twp)- annie mallott died aug 12, 1903- age 19
(noted on the side of pallie zetz headstone- wife of john carter- died dec 29, 1906- age 84
Mary mcleon checking names and dates at wallerstein cemetery headstones belonged to
an old mennonite church in that area.