A1. Fathers’ Day program June 17, 1962
A2. Thank you letter for contributions – January 1963
A3. Two newspaper clippings (Memorial service and plaque unveiling & Sunday services ad
A4. Tag day information, September 9, 1964
A5. BME operating statement, June 30, 1963
A6. BME official report form, June 30, 1963 (2)
Annual conference notice
Reappointment letter, June 21,
Reappointment letter, July 6, 1962
Assessment (87.00)
Conference statement, June 30, 1963
Annual conference honour roll
Assessment (87) hand written
Bldg fund (179.19) hand written

A7. Tag day information, April 18, 1961
(20 pgs, 6 recpts)
A8. 2 Tag day thank you letters, October
17, 1956
A9. Thank you letter from Boehmers,
June 1963
A10. BME conference information, September 1966:
Gen. Supt report, resolution committee report, committees of gen. Conf. Agenda

A11. Tax information:
September 1963 statement for $18.01 September 1963 statement for $41.23
Verification of tax arrears for 18.01 & 41.23
Letter to City Hall, January 31, 1964
Letter to Melba Jewell from City Clerk, April 1964
Letter to City Hall, August 25, 1965 (green paper)
A12. Electric and water receipts etc:
May 63-$6.60; Mar/63-$7.15; Jan/63-$5.00; Nov/62-$5.00; Sep/62=$5.00
Boehmers heating Aug/62-$8.00
Roy Lefneski Construction, July/61 repair quotes
The Daily Mercury, Sept./61-$4.20
Lovett Signs, July/61-$11.00 & Sept/61=$11.00 United
Church Publishing house, Aug/61=$14.95

Robinson’s Flowers, July 17/64-$3.61 The Daily Mercury, October/64-$2.40
A13. Operating statement July/67
A14. Letter regarding demolition of parsonage, August/65